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about rumkraft

Rumkraft is a school for electronic music and DJing based in Copenhagen. The mantra is ‘learning by doing’ while having fun. We believe that technology requires creativity and guarantees a fun and educational experience in the company of our staff of professional musicians, DJs and educators.

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music production

We have a range of couses to suit any need – from experienced to completely new – there’s something for you.

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Rumkraft offers professional solo teaching or support and assistance for specific artistic and technical challenges. 

DJ Courses

Learn to DJ your favorite music on Rumkraft’s intro course to DJing today. You’ll receive access to top equipment and professional DJ tutors!

Want to learn how to make your own music on your computer?

Electronic music with Ableton Live & Push

Would you just like to see what the music program Ableton Live can do for you as a musician, songwriter and producer?


No matter your experience, music production, or DJing, we have a range of courses available!

No problem, our introductory course to music production or music theory will get you right going and started. Absolutely no prior knowledge or know-how is expected, apart from a smile and your will to learn.

No. You will start of getting a solid foundation of the software and the artistic, creative and technical skills needed to progress. If you are experienced, then you probably will get concepts and techniques reaffirmed, but we guarantee that new knowledge and revelations awaits you.

If you are breathing, you are not too old. So far, our oldest participant has been 60+ years. We challenge whoever is 70+ to join.

Don’t panic! We have installation videos at hand to get you started. If you need more help, stop by LAB TIME. If you have specific needs not covered in our videos or applicable to LAB TIME, then we offer tailor made tech/artist support 

Absolutely! Open doors, open arms.There’s always friendly people and hot coffee on the pot. Stop by during LAB TIME or get in touch via the contact page.

our talented students

Turkman Souljah’s exam in “Integration of the laptop as an instrument” at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory with Ras Kjærbo and Rumkraft.

If you’re interested in learning more about live performance, we can help!

hear what our students say


At Rumkraft there is always someone I can take a nerdy chat with. It is insanely liberating and inspiring to meet like-minded people and soak up their ideas and perspectives. Everyone is super nice and there is always hot coffee

Spaceball Member

The best thing about Rumkraft is the welcoming atmosphere you feel the first time you arrive. The tutors are really eager for you to learn at your pace and the other students are just as lost as I am but we can support each other during the jam sessions!

DJ, Label Manager, Event Maker


I took their ‘Max’ course and rarely have I learned so much in such a short time. The course is well structured, so you learn the foundation, and then you can focus on your personal project. It’s wildly motivating! Friendly people, and a welcoming environment. THANKS!

Music Production Course


Rumkraft was established with the desire to create a physical framework for electronic musicians and people with a penchant for electronic music and technology. The group behind agreed that there was a lack of such a place in Copenhagen. We are proud to be the Nordic region’s first Ableton Certified Training Center.

Ableton Live, Push, Traktor, Improvisation, Mixing and Production

Jesper Noosfære

Rumkraft is exactly what Copenhagen (and myself) have been missing for many years. A spacious place with workshops, masterclasses, chill living-room atmosphere filled with inspiring like-minded people and organised by some real enthusiasts! Come and hang out, learn from others and learn from you, share and help inspire and be inspired.

JESPER ‘NOOSFÆRE’ SKOVGAARD Producer, Sound Designer, Educator

Rumkraft is a place where you feel at home from the moment you step in the door. It’s a cozy environment, not a sterile classroom. It is a place where one is inspired by the teachers but also by the other students – a community with passion for electronic music. 

So come and be a part of the community 🙂

Ableton, Sound Design, LAB TIME host

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DJ Decks

DJ on Denon SC-5000 or play records on two of the legendary Technics 1210 turntables with Traktor Scratch time code vinyl and Traktor Kontrol S4 mk3.

Lab Time

Come and work with other musicians and creative heads at Rumkraft every WEDNESDAY from 13-17.


Join workshops for free as a Spaceball member. NB. individual workshops are at half price if they are expensive to set up.

Controller & Tech

Work on one of our many MIDI controllers: Push 1 & 2, APC40, various Novation Launchpads, Novation LaunchKey, etc.

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