Gratis 64 pad dRumrack

Gratis 64 pad dRumrack Rumkraft Soarer

Hi, I’m Soarer and I’m an electronic musician and sounddesigner based in Copenhagen.

I’ve made a sample pack with 64 samples as part of my internship at Rumkraft since I wanted to emerge myself in the process of creating some different sounds for use in electronic music production. Soarer sound designer og praktikant ved Rumkraft

I’ve been recording all sorts of sounds like: hitting things in the kitchen, shutting a mini oven, pushing around some cans, pushing the door handle, a ventilation shaft, a caterpillar machine, a garbage container lid slamming and passing various people speaking on the street. I recorded the sounds with a Røde iXY Stereo condenser microphone since I like to have a natural great stereo width in my field recordings. I then worked my way through the recordings to find the most interesting passages and chopped them up. I have EQ’ed the sounds to cut out the most harsh and resonant frequencies so that they sound more pleasing to the ear.

After this process I dragged the sounds into Ableton’s Simpler and Sampler devices for the sounddesign process. The kicks and toms for example are made using pitch and filter envelopes and most of the sounds are pitched a bit and have some further filtering or EQ’ing applied. I wanted to keep the sounds fairly natural so they are not super smooth and processed like electronic sounds but have some character to them. They are a bit lo-fi sounding since some of them are a combination of sounds and contain background noises too.

I’ve assigned eight rack macro knobs in the rack: “Kicks Transpose”, “Transpose” (of all other sounds), “Pan Random”, “Reverb Amount”, “Volume envelope decay”, “Volume envelope release”, “Digi Trash” and “Bit Trash” so make sure to turn these on your Push!

I hope you like the sounds and that you’ll be able to use these samples in some of your projects.

I have made a electronica track where I’m using these sounds within the Drum Rack to make many different beats so please click the link below to listen.

Here you can download the Ableton Drum Rack and samples which are contained in a folder with a Live set. If you don’t use Ableton Live you can just open the main folder and find the samples in a subfolder.

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