Earth’s new giant ear is Chinese

Construction of Fast telescope

In China, things are nuts! The World’s biggest radio telescope is finally finished after 5.5 years of construction. The dish measures 500 meters across and has a surface area of about 200 km2 (that is roughly 28 soccer fields!). With this bad boy, scientists will be able to listen to the far reaches of space. The telescope works by absorbing radio waves emitted by objects in space. In the office, we have our fingers crossed for access to the sounds it might pick up. Just imagine.

Fast telescope top view

If you are keen on space sounds, NASA recently made a bunch of their recordings available on their Soundcloud (yea NASA is on Soundcloud, and Snapchat).

In about three years time, it should be calibrated so stay tuned 😉

Read more on the Fast telescope at BBC.

Nasa on Snapchat

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