Warping full tracks like a boss!

Tutorial on warping full tracks in Ableton Live

Recap from the course Ableton Music Producer Level 1 at Rumkraft


1. Drag a song or a piece of music into Live (on an empty space or an Audio Track)
2. Disengage Warp on the Clip (Settings –> Record Warp Launch –> Auto Warp Long Samples OFF
3. Play the Clip alone (solo fx), scrub to where you can sense a pulse, tap tempo to get in the ball park
4. Activate Warp on the Clip
5. Activate the Metronome
6. Find the down beat, right click the pseudo warp marker and choose “Set 1.1.1 Here”
7. Scrub (scan) through the track and adjust the Warp Markers as necessary
8. Locked Warp Makers are yellow and will stay put when set (set by double clicking a pseudo warp marker) – like pinching the rubber band
9. Make music 🙂

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