Brain Music BM001 – Radio Show Premiere

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Space force globetrotter and teacher, Rasmus Kjærbo , has moved to London to learn more about the brain and music. In connection with his adventure across the lake, he runs a weekly radio program about the brain and music, Brain Music , on Wired Radio .

You can hear the first edition of the show as a podcast via the link here . The show runs every Tuesday, from kl. 17-18 Danish time.

In this first episode, the MSc. in psychology and music, mind & brain, Sean Fields , guest and there is talk about how modern psychology gained a foothold due to an accident during the second French revolution, the July Revolution. Here we discovered the area of ​​the brain that is the ele for our ability to talk.

Future shows will cover
Physicality of sound (Snooks SubPac special edition)
How do we really hear and perceive music (Daniel Müllensiefen)
Music and technology – at the big shows and in the studio (Laura Alluxe Escudé)
Binaural audio – cheating two ears to hear 3d sound (Lasse Munk)

Ancient German bone flutes –…
African drumming –…

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