The far side of the moon visited – sounds from Yellow Stone National Park

The dear Chinese have successfully landed a rover on the ‘dark side’ of the moon.

It happened on January 2, 2019. The rover roams around on solar energy (yes, there is sun on ‘the dark side of the moon’), where it takes pictures and samples of the before unexplored half of our marvelous moon.

Politiken has made a wonderful podcast about the event. Listen here.


At the same time, Yellow Stone Nation Park has released a series of recordings of sounds from the park.

Photo: Travel Wyoming

If you need wild animal samples or calm atmospheres, there is a treasure chest waiting for you!

You can find the audio library, which falls under Public Domain, here.

If you are more into video, check out their video library here.


We especially like the wing flap from this Ruffed Grouse! Just try to make a big drum out of it.

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