Visit to EMOL at the South Danish Music Conservatory – Electronic music and sound art

At the beginning of 2019, Rumkraft’s founder and teacher Ras Kjærbo visited the electronic music line at the South Danish Music Conservatory in Esbjerg . They have both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in electronic music and sound art, and had booked a 4 hour workshop and teaching.

Mic Ryan from the late DIEM, now EMOL on SDMK.
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During the course we came across:

  • how to (survive) as an electronic musician and sound artist / creative creator with technology in Denmark
  • why it is important to be in control of your finances and be able to run your own business
  • why one should not be afraid to throw oneself into starting a business
  • tax deductions and financial misconduct / traps
  • and most importantly, to believe in what you are doing and not give up!

We build instruments

In addition, Ras gave an introduction to building its own instruments and sound modules in Ableton Live, how to use macros, instrument racks and creative MIDI mapping to turn ideas and technology into playable, reusable devices.

Ras Kjærbo og Rumkraft gæster de elektroniske musikere på Syddansk Musikkonservatorium i Esbjerg.

Common Link jam

To celebrate a great workshop, we ended with a joint Link jam. The participants all threw themselves into Rumkraft’s brought along Jam jam network and we jointly tested the newly built instruments and sound machines.

We test the newly built instruments with a common Link jam.

Rasmus (from Rumkraft ed.) Delivered an insightful and enriching artist talk about himself and his exciting musical journey, as well as giving welcome advice and recommendations for working as an electronic musician. Be it, among other things, information about starting a business, networking and tax deductions. Rasmus then completed an accurate review of his setup, and initiated an inspiring workshop in Ableton, which all the participants engaged in. Along the way, he answered advanced technical questions, and the participants ended up bringing home a personally built instrument in Ableton. . ”

Statement from booker Emil Aagaard Johansen at EMOL, SDMK.

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