About Rumkraft

What we do here at rumkraft

Rumkraft was established with the desire to create a physical framework for electronic musicians and people with a penchant for electronic music and technology. The group behind agreed that there was a lack of such a place in Copenhagen. We are proud to be the Nordic region’s first Ableton Certified Training Center.

Rumkraft is driven and led by active musicians and technology lovers. We are based in Copenhagen, but like to travel around the country, kingdom and planet to teach, perform or hold workshops

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Læssøesgade 14, baghuset C, st, 2200 København N

Contact Us

Phone : + 45 30 48 79 00

Email: makemusic@rumkraft.dk

Our Open House Hours

WEDNESDAYS 13:00 – 17:00

our trained tutors

Why are we a certified training center?

As an Ableton Certified Training Center, this means that our tutors have the best knowledge when it comes to using Ableton, one of the worlds most popular digital audio workstation, and all their products! We have the right equipment and thoroughly tested lesson plan.

So you can feel comfortable knowling you’re in safe hands, whether you have experience with Ableton or new to production all together.

We Also Offer Artistic Or Technical Support

Rumkraft offers professional solo teaching or support and assistance for specific artistic and technical challenges. 

Touring bands

Are you or your band going on tour and are you having trouble designing your live set?

Visuals & Sounds

Do you need synchronized sound and visuals / light, but are unsure where to start?

System set-up's

Should a redundant system be set up so that you are more secure on the stage should one computer crash?


Do you need an ultra portable setup for your solo trip through Europe, with built-in soundman and smart mixer?

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music production

We have a range of couses to suit any need – from experienced to completely new – there’s something for you.

Tech & Artist Support

Rumkraft offers professional solo teaching or support and assistance for specific artistic and technical challenges. 

DJ Courses

Learn to DJ your favorite music on Rumkraft’s intro course to DJing today. You’ll recieve access to top equptment and professional DJ tutors!

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As a member, you join all workshops for FREE . Some at half price though, if it’s expensive to set up

Rumkraft is a place created for those who use it, by those who use it. As a Spaceball member, you support the place – and you get free access to all workshops as well as access to our premises and equipment. Everyone can become a Spaceball.

The sound of  only for members  does not ring so beautifully in our ears. Anyone can become a Spaceball, no previous experience required. Feel free to bring a smile and an open mind, and we promise to do the same.

People at Rumkraft share knowledge and ideas while hanging out, nerds and drinking coffee ‘. Ideas come from the head .. from people’s ball (s). Yes, we know it plays better in English, so let’s just stick to the fact that it’s a great movie.

Nope. Space power is a place for everyone with a penchant for music and technology. Whether you are a DJ, producer, dancer, singer or listener, you are welcome. Everything in between and outside, as well. And, we actually have quite a few female users. Come by yourself and feel the atmosphere.

Yup. The price for membership is DKK 100 per month, or DKK 1,000 for an entire year. It’s a huge support to receive, so thank you so much to all the current and upcoming Spaceballs.

First of all, you get a number of cool benefits (see list). You can come by and use Rumkraft’s facilities during LAB TIME. Secondly, a monthly amount helps to run Rumkraft. It pays for free organic coffee, oat milk, tea, toilet paper and helps cover operating consumption etc.