Spaceball membership

It is insanely liberating and inspiring to meet like-minded people and soak up their ideas and perspectives. At Rumkraft, there's always someone I can take a nerdy chat with. Everyone is super nice and there is always hot coffee.

your membership benefits

Join a community of like-minded electronic music and technology enthusiasts at our open house gatherings!

DJ Decks

DJ on Denon SC-5000 or play records on two of the legendary Technics 1210 turntables with Traktor Scratch time code vinyl and Traktor Kontrol S4 mk3.

Lab Time

Come and work with other musicians and creative heads at Rumkraft every WEDNESDAY from 13-17.


Join workshops for free as a Spaceball member. NB. individual workshops are at half price if they are expensive to set up.

Controller & Tech

Work on one of our many MIDI controllers: Push 1 & 2, APC40, various Novation Launchpads, Novation LaunchKey, etc.

join us during our jam sessions

Our Doors Are Always Open!

We open our doors to anyone interested in electronic music, technology and more. Stop by our open-house or lab time to meet other spaceballs, tutors or for some warm coffee.

do you still have questions?

As a member, you join workshops for FREE . Some at half price though, if it’s expensive to set up. But trust us, they are worth it!

Rumkraft is a place created for those who use it, by those who use it. As a Spaceball member, you support the place – and you get free access to all workshops as well as access to our premises and equipment. Everyone can become a Spaceball.

The sound of  only for members  does not ring so beautifully in our ears. Anyone can become a Spaceball, no previous experience required. Feel free to bring a smile and an open mind, and we promise to do the same.

People at Rumkraft share knowledge and ideas while hanging out, nerds and drinking coffee ‘. Ideas come from the head .. from people’s ball (s). Yes, we know it plays better in English, so let’s just stick to the fact that it’s a great movie.

Nope. Space power is a place for everyone with a penchant for music and technology. Whether you are a DJ, producer, dancer, singer or listener, you are welcome. Everything in between and outside, as well. And, we actually have quite a few female users. Come by yourself and feel the atmosphere.

Yup. The price for membership is DKK 100 per month, or DKK 1,000 for an entire year. It’s a huge support to receive, so thank you so much to all the current and upcoming Spaceballs.

First of all, you get a number of cool benefits (see list). You can come by and use Rumkraft’s facilities during LAB TIME. Secondly, a monthly amount helps to run Rumkraft. It pays for free organic coffee, oat milk, tea, toilet paper and helps cover operating consumption etc.