Praktisk Musikteori for producere – weekendkursus

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Learn everything you need to be able to write create beats, write compelling melodies and merge it all together with beautiful harmonies based on practical analysis of the modern classics within the greatest electronic genres. Plus, a delicious vegan lunch and a month of Spaceball membership is included 😉

2 på lager (kan bestilles som restordre)


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2 på lager (kan bestilles som restordre)


Here's What You Can Expect

12 hours of practical music theory training rooted in the major electronic genres, focusing on giving you the knowledge and tools you need to write better and more compelling music – for yourself or for the dance floor. You learn to build better beats, write melodies and merge it all together with harmonies. The course is conducted in Danish, unless non-Danish speakers are registered.

Key Course Features

Here are some key areas of learning to get you on your way to  producing music:

Learn the Foundation

Get the musical foundations you need to consciously compose great tracks with no prior experience.

Hands-on Teaching

Throughout the course we’ll use examples from popular tracks to demonstrate different concepts and show how they can be used effectively.

Musical Concepts

By the end of the course you’ll be able to understand the musical concepts that underpin your favourite songs and use those concepts to write compelling music.

Spaceball Membership!

As a participant in this course, you will also automatically become a Spaceball member for the month of the course. This means you can visit Rumkraft for LAB TIME - our open drop-in session for music producers and DJs.

Where To Find Us


A wonderful weekend in the future from 10.00 - 17.00 (delicious vegan lunch included!)
1st – Saturday May 22nd
2nd– Sunday May 23rd


Den Elektroniske Musikskole Læssøesgade 14, st., Baghuset C 2200 København N

This is the weekend version of our full Electronic Music Theory Course. Interested in taking your productions to the next level, check out our other courses here.


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