Level 1 – Elektronisk musik med Ableton Live og Push

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Learn how to make music on your computer with Ableton Live and Push – whether you are a beginner or have used Live and Push before. Through a series of selected practical exercises, you will learn the necessary theory to be able to make your own original music on the computer, how to remix, and build your own effects and instruments.

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2 på lager (kan bestilles som restordre)


­Are you interested in electronic music?

Want to learn how to make your own music on the computer? Or would you just like to see what the music program Ableton Live can do for you as a musician, songwriter and producer?

Electronic music is a broad term and technology is involved in pretty much every track released today – regardless of genre. Therefore, we refrain from teaching specific styles, but examine what characterizes e.g. house, breakbeat, pop, drum and bass, trap and so on. We listen to and we do what the team finds interesting, within Rumkraft’s curriculum.

Here's What You'll Learn

Getting comfortable with Live, Push, music production, and remixing
  • Live’s interface – Session / Arrangement View, Clip / Track View, transport, clip control
  • Push – playing and programming drums, melody and harmony, setting scales
  • The mixer – mute, solo, volume, naming and colouring tracks and clips
  • Working with clips – audio, MIDI, loops, different launch options, importing clips
  • Warping – warp modes and working creatively with warp markers
  • Live’s browser – Loading the built-in instruments, effects, and presets
  • Getting help – Info View and the Live manual
  • Song arrangement, reverse engineering, and subtractive arrangement
  • Exporting your song to an audio file
Rhythm and drums level 1
  • Drum Rack – load a kit and make a beat
  • Different styles of drum beats – house, broken, reggae, drum and bass, rock
  • Beat programming on Push – automation, swing, nudge, velocity
  • Customize your own drum kit with Impulse or Drum Rack, saving presets
  • Slice to New MIDI Track – beats, melodies, etc.
Melody and harmony level 1
  • Basic music theory
  • C minor scale
  • C major scale
  • Chord progressions
  • Constructing melodies and harmonies
Synthesis level 1
  • Analog – get comfortable with synthesis, understand the basic waveforms, use presets from Live’s library and create your own baseline, pad, chord, and lead sound, saving presets
  • Modulation – make your sounds come alive with envelopes, filtering, and LFOs
  • Instrument Racks and macros Level 1
Sound design and mixing level 1
  • Mixing level 1 – home studio mixing, monitors / speakers, microphones, sound cards
  • Recording audio in Live from external sources – instrument or microphone
  • EQing with EQ8 and filtering with Auto Filter
  • Effects – Reverb and delay
  • What to have on your master channel

Key Course Features

Here’s what to expect to get you on your way:

Learn The Foundation

Get the basics of a songwriter, producer or electronic musician when the most important things in terms of making music on the computer are reviewed.

The Tech

The class will get to know Ableton Live and the instrument Push 2  from scratch along with working with a microphone, sound cards and MIDI controllers. Each student will work on their own Push 2 controller available at Rumkraft.

For All Levels

Whether you are completely new, or have a bit of experience in making music yourself, we make sure that you create a solid foundation for being able to work with music on the computer yourself.

Integrating Tools

We will work on making our own tracks, introducing sound design, sampling, mixing and a few cool production tricks along the way.

How To Get started


8 Mondays from 17.30 - 20.30

Lesson 1: Monday - April 24th
Lesson 2: Monday - May 1st
Lesson 3: Monday - May 8th
Lesson 4: Monday - May 15th
Lesson 5: Monday - May 22nd
Lesson 6: Monday - May 29th Lesson 7: Monday - June 5th Lesson 8: Monday - June 12th

Payment plan available

We offer a payment plan in installments at no extra cost if this is desired. Contact us for a plan.

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Den Elektroniske Musikskole Læssøesgade 14, 2200 København N


What Should I bring?

A computer with Ableton Live 11 Suite installed (download a free trial via Ableton.com here) – we have computers with Ableton Live 11 Suite available on Rumkraft (PC & Mac) which you can borrow during the lessons (they are not to take home). If you use our computers, REMEMBER a USB drive so you can take your work home.

Is this course in english?

The course is in Danish, unless there are non-Danish speaking participants in the group, then the teaching will be in English


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