Elektronisk sommerskole 2022

kr. 2.200,00

Rumkraft is ready with this year’s summer school for children and young people aged 10-16. Come and try your hand at sampling, DJing and cool beats over four days! 


Here's What You Can Expect

Experience four great days where you get to produce a lot of music with other children and young people. On the last day, your family can come and hear the music that you and the other participants have made. Along the way, you will have a number of different challenges, such as imitating a beat, making music on time, working together in pairs, recording sounds and using them in the music on the computer, etc.

Key Features

4 Days of Wonder

Each day there will be a short presentation from the teacher, which the whole team agrees on. You will also be working alone so you can immerse yourself.

Bring Your Device - or borrow ours

We have Ableton Live Suite on our computers, but you are welcome to bring another program on your own device. We have both PC and Mac computers, headphones and music controllers ( Ableton Push 2 and professional DJ equipment) that can be worked on. It is recommended to bring a USB connector if you need to borrow a computer.

Support & Guidance

It is an advantage if you already know a little, but it does not have to be at a high level - there is room for diversity. The most important thing is that you love music, are curious to try new things and have the courage to come up with your very own ideas. And then it also tends to be really nice to be with

Enjoy Your Time!

At Rumkraft, it's about having fun while creating something creative both for yourself and with others, which is why we focus on the executive and playful more than the abstract and technical. The teacher is a professional, pedagogical, active performing musician with a passion for music and teaching.

Course Structure

Each day includes: small tasks, producer tips, lab time (own immersion), lunch (packed lunch) and listening round / collection at the end. The days will, however, have different focus points:

Courses run from 10:00 – 14:00 Monday to Wednesday and 12:00 – 17:00 on Thursday.


Intro, production teams (work in pairs) with assignment.


Try DJing - with your own and others' music


Make your own virtual instrument from your own samples


Tracks are completed, prepare event, run event. (last hour from 16-17 the participants present their works to parents and friends and we celebrate)

Where To Find Us


Electronic Summer School 2022 will take place in either week 27 og week 28. Please join our newsletter to stay informed.


Rumkraft - the electronic music school Læssøesgade 14, back house C 2200 Copenhagen N

*This course requires at least 6 registered youngsters to run *


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