Level 3 – Elektronisk musik med Ableton Live og Push

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Take your productions to Level 3 on Rumkraft’s advanced team in music production with Ableton Live and Push. This is our most advanced course, only for musicians and producers with good experience or those who have completed Level 1 and Level 2 before. Contact us for more info.

4 på lager (kan bestilles som restordre)


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4 på lager (kan bestilles som restordre)


Here's What You Can Expect

Level 3 of Electronic music with Ableton Live and Push at Rumkraft is for you who have good experience with Ableton Live and Push and are ready to take your productions to the highest level .

This course is focused on getting your productions to the next level. Whether it is releases or for DJing / live performance.

Key Course Features

Heres a little bit about what to expect when you enroll onto this course below:

Advanced Tools

We go in depth with Live's advanced instruments and effects, both audio and MIDI, Max for Live, as well as advanced MIDI, Audio and Effects Racks.

Mixing & Mastering

Part of the course is actively worked on with the next level of mixing and mastering, so you get hands-on experience with advanced mixing techniques.

Live Performances

In addition to primarily working with your own productions, we go in depth with live performance and DJing of your own tracks in Ableton.


As always, we look at optimizing workflow and data structure.


We are planning the next course. If you are interested, send us an email at makemusic@rumkraft.dk and sign up for our newsletter at bitly.com/rumkraftnews

Where To Find Us


Four Mondays and four Thursdays from 17.00 - 20.00


We offer installment plan at no extra cost if this is desired. Contact us for a plan.


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