Sound Design m. Vital – Level 1

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Get started with sound design! This course will help you explore and develop your sonic identity while teaching you the fundamentals of sound design and synthesis. Participate with any DAW and the free morphing wavetable synthesizer Vital. Anyone can join <3

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3 på lager (kan bestilles som restordre)



Are you looking to take your productions to the next level? Or have you been struggling with sound design to no avail?

We have created a course designed to teach you the basics of sound design to make sure you have a solid foundation to build upon when expanding your tool kit. Electronic music is extremely broad, so we will be focusing on the techniques of sound design, and not cater to certain genres. Whether you make house, pop, drum and bass, trap, ambient, dubstep or anything in between this course is sure to help you.

Here's What You'll Learn

Getting comfortable with the powerful synthesizer Vital
  • Vitals interface – Voice, Effects, Matrix, Advanced
  • Presets – Load, save, edit
  • Oscillator – Level, pitch, unison, phase
  • Envelope – Attack, decay, sustain, release
  • LFO – Mode, frequency, shaping
  • Filter – Cutoff, resonance
  • Random – Style, algorithms
  • Effects – Delay, reverb, filter, and so much more
  • MPE – Velocity, pressure, lift
Different methods of synthesis
  • Subtractive synthesis – Waveshapes, filters
  • Wavetable synthesis – Wavetables, morphing

Key Course Features

Here’s what to expect to get you on your way:

Learn The Foundation

Our teachers dress you well as a sound designer, by giving you the right tools in the right order, to ease the normally tricky process of learning sound design.

The Tech

The team will get to know Vital from scratch. The plugin can be used in any DAW.

For All Levels

Whether you are completely new, or have a bit of experience in sound design yourself, we make sure that you create a solid foundation for building your knowledge.

Integrating Tools

We will work on expanding the sounds you create for each lesson. Teaching you how to combine techniques in useful ways.

How To Get started


We are currently scheduling courses. If you are interested, please sign up to our newsletter and get notified when the new dates are up.


We offer a payment plan in installments at no extra cost if this is desired. Contact us for a plan.


What Should I bring?

A computer with any DAW capable of running VSTs or AUs, we recommend Ableton Live 11 Suite (download a free trial via here) – we have computers with Ableton Live 11 Suite available on Rumkraft (PC & Mac) which you can borrow during the course (they are not to take home). If you use our computers, REMEMBER a USB drive so you can take your work home.

Is this course in english?

The course is in Danish, unless there are non-Danish speaking participants on the team, then teaching will be in English


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