Test Flight

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Test Flight is a critical listening session for music producers. Each participant brings a USB key with a pre-mastered track and a screenshot of the arrangement window in their chosen DAW.

6 på lager (kan bestilles som restordre)



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6 på lager (kan bestilles som restordre)


What To Expect

Welcome to Test Flight, we’re excited to hear your creations! Come along to an evening for music producers eager to recieve and give feedback on new music.

Key Features

Here’s what you can expect so your prepared for our producer only sessions:

Let's Hear It!

Each attending producer brings a pre-mastered track/beat/song (max. length = seven minutes) on USB-stick along with a screenshot of their arrangement in their chosen DAW.

Open Feedback

A brief discussion will take place afterward, where you will receive feedback and constructive criticism from other participants as they react to your music.

Your Time!

Each producer has a few minutes to talk about their work, their musical goals, cite some influences, and provide a brief overview of how the track came to life.

Take Aways!

All participants will receive oral and written feedback (on paper) for each track, which will be returned to the presenting artist at the end of the session.

Where To Find Us


Stay with us while we're working on the next session!


As a Spaceball memebr this session is free; the regular price is 50 KR


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