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Rumkraft is an Ableton Certified Training Center, which means that our trainers know Ableton, a popular digital audio workstation, and the related products inside out and are able to explain all the functions and features to get you on your way.

CAPTAIN OF the ship

Ras Kjærbo

Ableton Live, Push, Traktor, Komplete, Improvisation, Mixing, Production

Music technologist and neuroscience enthusiast, Ras Kjærbo, is one of the Nordic region’s few certified Ableton Live teachers. He loves sound, technology, the brain and pesto, is a trained biomedicine from Roskilde University, music producer from Dubspot, New York and most recently studied the cognitive neuroscience of music at Goldsmiths, University of London. Since the establishment of his first teaching company in 2008, Ectopic Beats Music, Ras has been around the world with his workshops; from India to America, across Poland, Germany, Nepal, and especially around Scandinavia. In 2015, the trip came to Rumkraft.

1 Katrine Villadsen
2 Gudjon Andri
3 Ruben "RDG"
4 Daniel Nayberg
5 Sean Fields
6 Lars Rønne
Katrine Villadsen

Ableton Live, Musikungdomsklubben, electronic Summer School, Laptop Jam

Katrine creates music and soundscapes for exhibitions and performances and has her own artistic practice as a singer / songwriter / producer under the name While We Wait, where she ia. performs with live looping of the voice.

She develops and holds workshops and teaching courses for children, young people and adults under various musical concepts. The focus is always on the creation process - from idea to finished song and the many challenges and fun detours in between. The tools range from Ableton Live to instruments made from plastic waste.

Katrine is a co-founder of Beats By Girlz Denmark, which teaches music on computers for girls, women, transgender people and non-binaries, and works for more gender diversity in electronic music. BBG DK and Rumkraft have made several projects together.

She has released two albums with the band Kå, had her own label and is educated in philosophy and history from RUC.

Email: katrine@rumkraft.dk

Ableton Live, Musikungdomsklubben, electronic Summer School, Laptop Jam
Gudjon Andri

Ableton Live, Sound Design, Controllerism, Multiplayer

Gudjon had been aboard the spaceship almost since takeoff. He is a self-taught producer, DJ and electronic musician with roots in classical music as well as in the Danish climbing environment, where he plays hard breakbeats for competitions and parties.

There is nothing worse than when technical barriers stand in the way of creative expression, and he therefore emphasizes simplicity, passion for the community and the creative process. Produces and DJs with Ableton Live & Push 2 and studies sound design at Sonic College.

Email: gudjon@rumkraft.dk

Ableton Live, Sound Design, Controllerism, Multiplayer
Ruben "RDG"

DJing and Music Production

Denmark's dubstep Don and lable boss. Founder of the record company  Circle Vision  and Surface Records. Book with  Bas Under Buen (OHOI!)

Email: ruben@rumkraft.dk

DJing and Music Production
Daniel Nayberg

Ableton Live, Push, studio and recording, hardware

Daniel is a trained performance designer from RUC, a small nerd sound technician, event person, diy fan, music producer and occasional teacher with a penchant for flashing lights, buttons and lead sounds. He is the founder of the socio-economic sound initiative INSP! Sound, co-founder of Electronic Music Denmark and has been involved in a myriad of festivals and music events. He is currently busy creating and strengthening meeting places and environments around electronic music.

Email: daniel@rumkraft.dk

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Ableton Live, Push, studio and recording, hardware
Sean Fields

Sound Branding, DJing, Neuroscience

Sean is interested in sound branding and cognitive neuroscience, especially in terms of music-based solutions to health and communication problems. In 2014, he went to London to study for the MSc in Music, Mind and Brain and delved into the biological and cognitive aspects of musical behavior. There he found Cord World Wide - an international 'music-first marketing consultancy'. At Cord, he engaged in research in music psychology, effect-tracking of sound brands and provided scientific evidence for strategic applications of music in a communication context. Sean loves all kinds of drums and is in favor of more bass in Copenhagen!

Email: sean@rumkraft.dk

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Sound Branding, DJing, Neuroscience
Lars Rønne

Music production, live performance, Ableton Live and Push

Lars has been a bassist and conductor in many different constellations. He is the current bandmaster for the rapper "Pede B" and has played at a sea of ​​Denmark's venues and festivals with Pede. As a producer and electronic musician, Lars has worked on his own project “ROBEAT”, which already has a couple of releases behind him and more on the way. Lars has also produced music for the singer Morten Kjær (KIER) with whom he has also played a number of concerts in Denmark, Germany and the USA.

Email:  lars@rumkraft.dk

Music production, live performance, Ableton Live and Push