Test Flight

Rumkraft Test Flight kritisk feedback session for elektroniske musikproducere

Test your hottest new productionsto a group of willing, critical listeners and make some new producer-friends!

How does it work?
Each attending producer brings a pre-mastered track/beat/song (max. length = seven minutes) on USB-stick along with a screenshot of their arrangement in their chosen DAW. Each producer has 15 minutes to showcase their work and talk a little about their musical goals, cite some influences, and provide a brief overview of how the track came to life. There will be a few minutes available afterwards for the other participants to respond to each artist’s piece of music with questions, feedback, constructive-criticism, etc.

All participants will receive written, analog, paper feedback sheets to fill-out for each track, and are asked to provide brief written comments to be returned to the presenting artist at the end of the session.

Next Test Flight will be announced shortly

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Check out this EP with productions strictly from participants of Test Flight – support your local music community if you like what you hear.

Test Flight is an active listening, discussion and feedback session for electronic music producers taking place in a physical place.

Test Flight is

  • an event for electronic music producers
  • open to all genres
  • open to all tempi

If you have questions regarding your eligibility to attend, please contact: testflight@rumkraft.dk